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Standard wheels - 4.5 - 5.5

Images are for illustrative purposes.
Color and offset shown on the images are always 'Silver' and '0'.

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 Item no.TitleDescriptionStock
A003181 4.5x16 Vast Wiel 117-152-6 Offset+46 15kon
Jantsa 45122 Zilver
A003183 5.5x16 Vast Wiel 117-152-6 Offset+28.6 15kon
Jantsa 55609 Zilver
A003185 5.5x16 Vast Wiel 161-205-6 Offset 0 21.5kon
Jantsa 55104 Zilver
A003214 5.5x18 Vast Wiel 117-152-6 Offset+36.8 14kon
Jantsa 55187 Zilver
A008488 4.5x16 Vast Wiel 95-142-5 Offset+100 18.5kon
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